Our Network & Allies

Each one of us is in an environment that connects us to different places, resources, organizations and schools. Our network and allies are composed of those people who seek to decolonize their worldview and methods. By supporting our efforts, we provide our allies with the perspective, experience and support that helps them create their community’s dreams.

DESGUA Network


Santa Anita Logo            CALA logo               Grupo Cajola.jpg.opt210x210o0,0s210x210

Sanita Anita La Union             Community Action on Latin America             Grupo Cajola


Maya mam logo.jpg.opt223x223o0,0s223x223            Just coffee logo             376323_288789014497479_941016257_n

Maya Mam                             Just Coffee Cooperative              Mexican Solidarity Network


Canary Institute logo            REDGUA logo      lasmarias

Canary Institute                                    REDGUA                                                Las Marias


mayaflor                       Proyecto ling thumb

Maya Flor                     Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco de Espanol