One thought on “Media

  1. It is of great pleasure that I leave my comments here.
    I have been stranded in Guatemaya for 10 months since the pandemia started here in March 2020.
    I met Willy during the virtual 25th European Maya Conference ( this past November 2020, when I joined in Bruce Love’s excellent workshop on Codices. Needless to say, he is one of the best experts in the four well known Maya Codices and other ancient documents.
    Today, I had the time to read through the information of Desgua Grass-Root Org. and I find it superb!
    It was my intention to publish in my page some of the info in your web and the videos El Suegno Guatemalateco and Voice of a Mountain, but unfortunately, these would not go through. I wonder why?
    It is my intention to visit the project in Xela as soon as I am able to travel and before I depart from Guatemaya.
    I would appreciate your contacting me via email with logistics and the possibility of making an appointment.
    I am an independent Mayanist researcher, Teacher of the Art of Being, Osho Art, and Financial Arts for Women.

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