Willy BarrenoCo-Founder and Guatemala Coordinator,


Willy Barreno took up arms and joined the guerilla movement at the age of eighteen during the Guatemalan Civil War. He fought for and then migrated to Wisconsin in search of a better life. While in the U.S., he worked as a chef and grassroots organizer on indigenous and human rights issues in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas, and Illinois. After twelve years of living in the U.S., he decided to return to Guatemala to regain his identity, rediscover his roots, and help create the Guatemalan Dream.

Jason Del AguilaU.S. Director of DESGUA,


Guatemalan, first generation born and raised in New York City, having traveled to Guatemala frequently as a child, and participated in social movements there as a young adult, Jason’s unique perspective of both worlds, are key to fortifying the links to our future generations and their Guatemalan/Mayan roots.
Inspired to continue to work in solidarity with the people of Guatemala, Jason is committed to cultivating transformative justice in marginalized communities around the world, creating programs to develop community safety practices, restorative justice programs (i.e. Know Your Rights, Documenting abuses, and Court Watching), as well as collaborating on developing educational and economic strategies for sustainability.
Jason’s previous focuses include over fifteen years of running social emotional development programs tailored for adolescents that incorporate the arts, culture and social justice. Working with New York Highschool and College students on advocating and rethinking Free Public Education.
His focus on restoring and preserving historic memory and Mayan identity, brought him to be one of the creative minds behind DESGUA’s origins, and a director of programs today.

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