Willy BarrenoCo-Founder and Co-Coordinator in Guatemala,



Willy Barreno took up arms and joined the guerilla movement at the age of eighteen during the Guatemalan Civil War. He fought for and then migrated to Wisconsin in search of a better life. While in the U.S., he worked as a chef and grassroots organizer on indigenous and human rights issues in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas, and Illinois. After twelve years of living in the U.S., he decided to return to Guatemala to regain his identity, rediscover his roots, and help create the Guatemalan Dream.


Nany Zepeda, Co-Coordinator and US Representative,

13621680_1158372830889567_122726570_oNany Zepeda was born in Guatemala City. At the age of sixteen, Nany migrated to be with her mom in Texas. She is now studying at Prescott College where she is majoring in global studies with a focus in entrepreneurship and multicultural systems.

Executive Managers

  • General Coordinator and Co-Founder: Willy Barreno
  • Administrator: Ubaldo Ramierz
  • Technical Coordinator of Proyecto Puente: Jorge Simaj

United States Coordination Team

  • National Coordinator: Nany Zepeda
  • Technical and Communication Support Coordinator: Juan Pablo Guzmán
  • Outreach coordinator: Magdalena Kaluza

Board of Directors

  • President: Edgar Perez López
  • Vice President: Edna Hernandez Saraccini
  • Secretary: Marleny Rameriez
  • Treasurer: Israel Lopez Vail
  • Chair 1: Lucia Orellana
  • Chair 2: Cecilia Cuc Alonzo
  • Chair 3: Santiago Boc Tay


  • Giovanni Lopez
  • Ruby Zelada

Technical Support Group

  • Guillen Lorentzen
  • Alfonso Ralda

International Group Support

  • Page Harris
  • Julia Miyahara
  • Amanda Morelli


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