Maya Mam


DESGUA sells MayaMam products in our fair trade shop in Quetzaltenango and through our New York
office. In Guatemala, DESGUA delegations have received workshops and conferences about the art of foot loom weaving and their social business model. DESGUA also proudly supports their online store and website.


Maya Mam is a collective of women from the town of Cajolá in the western highlands of Guatemala. The group began when several of the women came together to talk about common problems. They identified lack of income as their major concern. Many of them had extensive experience weaving on the backstrap loom. They began to expand their skills by learning to weave on a foot loom and to sew on a machine, with the goal of creating products inspired by Guatemalan textiles to be sold in the United States. The group aims to continue the legacy of their ancestors and share it with others.

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