Canary Institute


The Canary Institute provides analytical and theoretic consultation to DESGUA. The work that we do falls in line with the solidarity projects and education alternatives important to the institute. Together we provide educational presentations to delegations on the themes of global crisis and immigration issues. The Canary Institute promotes our work to interested delegations and helps in the organizing of conferences led by our community representatives.  The Canary Institute has also referred numerous dedicated interns and volunteers to both our DESGUA Guatemala and our DESGUA New York office.


Through praxis-driven research, analysis, dialogue, and reflection, the Canary Institute, or Instituto Canario,  seeks to generate alternative opportunities and approaches for educating on conditions that threaten humanity. The purpose of el Instituto Canario is to create structures and offer tools that both broaden and deepen our critical understanding of humanity’s resilience to crises. Their method takes a critical pedagogical approach toward fostering resilience through solidarity projects, grassroots education, and collaboration with intellectuals specializing in organic farming principles.